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      Kaiping Guangsheng Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
      How is the performance of the bathroom industry in recent years?
      • Date:2020-07-04
      • Read:1308

      As the brand attribute, product connotation and added value, after-sales service of sanitary ware are considered to be quite close to home appliance industry, so they are often compared with household appliance industry. In recent years, the bathroom industry has begun to absorb more and more advanced marketing concepts and practices from other industries, such as household appliances, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

      1. From the perspective of the degree of participation, more and more enterprises have participated in the advertising. In terms of the direction of advertising, more and more attention has been paid to advertising for terminal consumers, from industry magazines and newspapers to all kinds of home fashion magazines, from giant outdoor posters on the roadside of the airport to TV advertising, and television advertising is more and more important With the promotion of local TV stations to CCTV, the gold content of advertisements is increasing. All bathroom brands hope to guide and cultivate consumers' cognition and acceptance of their bathroom products through advertising for target audience.

      2. After sales service has become a more and more important card for bathroom manufacturers. Compared with the after-sales service that has been well done in the electronic industry, the after-sales service provided by domestic bathroom manufacturers has just begun, and there is still a lot of room for learning from the home appliance industry. At present, the after-sales service of domestic bathroom brands depends on the dealers themselves, so the service level is uneven. Most bathroom brands only stay at the level of traditional commodity sales, service concept is only to help installation and maintenance of the so-called "after-sales service", and there is no form To become a complete and mature service marketing system is far from enough for sanitary ware, a relatively professional household product. From shopping guide to installation to maintenance, it is not familiar to ordinary consumers and can complete it by themselves. As bathroom products become more intelligent and their technical structure is more and more complex, service matching and innovation are more important. It can be predicted that the era of service economy has come, and service will become the symbol of the maturity of sanitary ware market. Throughout today's bathroom market, who has the service, who can provide more product added value for consumers, will become the real king of the market.

      3. Absorbing cross industry marketing management talents, focusing on the training of manufacturers and distributors, more and more professional managers agree with the development space of bathroom industry, and manufacturers also increasingly agree that the value brought by cross industry professional managers is irreplaceable by empiricism. In recent years, senior managers have emerged in some Sanitary Ware brands It is a strategic arrangement in which industry empiricists and professional managers from other industries fight side by side. Pay attention to training is also a potential demand of sanitary ware products. The specialization and humanization of sanitary ware products make this kind of training very necessary. In recent years, some large factories will invite training consultants to carry out internal marketing training. On the other hand, the high cultural connotation of sanitary ware products also determines higher requirements for dealers. At present, the customer group of bathroom distributors is relative to that of wall and floor tile dealers For the group, the education level should be higher, more delicate and professional. And the learning awareness of dealers has also been greatly improved.


      Analysis on the development trend of bathroom industry

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