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      Kaiping Guangsheng Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
      Analysis on the development trend of bathroom industry
      • Date:2020-07-03
      • Read:1265

      1. Furniture of bathroom products
      Before the bathroom products have always been function oriented but relatively boring in modeling and style. Now, in order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers begin to design and develop new bathroom products with aesthetics, which can play the role of room decoration, to be launched to the market, including multifunctional toilets, delicate wash basins, fashionable bathroom cabinets, etc. are increasingly becoming new products pursued by consumers.

      2. Continuous innovation of intelligent sanitary products
      With the continuous progress of science and technology, people's demand for quality of life has increased, and intelligent products containing science and technology content have been asked for market. Now the market covers a wide range of areas, including intelligent washable toilet, intelligent flush and temperature adjustable toilet cover, intelligent temperature adjustable massage bathtub, which undoubtedly provide consumers with new enjoyment in the bathroom space.

      3. New materials emerge in endlessly
      Before the bathroom industry was dominated by ceramic products, new materials are constantly introduced, including stone, glass, wood, etc., which can be used as substitutes for ceramics. This not only enriches the variety of materials, but also brings more inspiration to the design of products.

      4. Products focus on health and environmental protection
      The sanitary industry has been pursuing the quality of product health and green energy saving. In order to achieve this goal, all businesses continue to develop and design products to achieve the details of antibacterial and antifouling treatment, such as toilets and urinals. At the same time, we hope to save water for faucets and other products so as to protect resources.

      ?5. Fuzziness of the definition of bathroom space
      The bathroom space has evolved from the narrow and secret closed room to the fuzzy space. Today's bathroom decoration often see transparent shower room, or open shower space, or wash table independent of the bathroom space.


      Maintenance skills of faucet


      How is the performance of the bathroom industry in recent years?

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