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      Kaiping Guangsheng Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.


      How is the performance of the bathroom industry in recent years?
      As the brand attribute, product connotation and added value, after-sales service of sanitary ware are considered to be quite close to home appliance industry, so they are often compared with household appliance industry. In recent years, the bathroom industry has begun to absorb more and more advanced marketing concepts and practices from other industries, such as household app......
      Analysis on the development trend of bathroom industry
      1. Furniture of bathroom products Before the bathroom products have always been function oriented but relatively boring in modeling and style. Now, in order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers begin to design and develop new bathroom products with aesthetics, which can play the role of room decoration, to be launched to the market, including multifunctional toilets, d......
      Maintenance skills of faucet
      How to maintain the faucet 1. Experienced and qualified professionals should be invited to carry out construction and installation. When installing, the faucet should not collide with hard objects, and cement and glue should not be left on the surface, so as to avoid damaging the luster of the surface coating. Pay attention to remove the debris in the pipe and install the fauce......
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